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Role of the Mediator

The mediator assigned to your problem by the Center for Conflict Resolution will be a trained volunteer. All mediators are trained to be impartial and fair to all parties involved.


Mediators hold all communications to them in confidence during the mediation process and will not be a witness for nor against either party in an arbitration hearing or in a court of law.


The mediator manages the process and tries to get the parties to talk to each other. When the parties are unwilling or unable to talk to one another directly, the mediator may shuttle between the two parties in order to assist their communications. Shuttle mediation, however, is more time-consuming.


To aid in the discussions, the mediator may ask questions to gain an understanding of the issues, help the parties understand the other person's point of view, discuss weaknesses in the arguments of the parties, or make suggestions to solve the conflict. The mediator, however, will not make the decisions.