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Arbitration Process

The arbitration process sponsored by the CCR is governed by its own rules, which declare the procedures, limitations, and rights of the parties involved in arbitration. (See Arbitration Rules)


The CCR schedules all hearings and coordinates all matters relating to the arbitration. An Arbitrator is assigned by the CCR to hear a case after the proper documentation is submitted to the CCR (See Arbitration Rules, Section 6). Hearings are scheduled as needed, usually 15 to 30 days from the time the process is initiated.


When necessary, parties and witnesses can be heard by the Arbitrator by telephone or in writing; however, we recommend that, if at all possible, they be present at the hearing.


In the hearing, both parties are each given 20 minutes to produce evidence, witnesses, and make their arguments. The party who first demands arbitration is first to make his or her presentation. Each party is then given 5 minutes to make a closing statement. The Arbitrator can extend these time limits when there is a good cause, but usually the time limits given provide sufficient opportunity to present a case for most people. (See Arbitration Rules, Section 17)


After the hearing, the Arbitrator deliberates on the case and issues a decision in writing, which is sent to each party usually after 3 business days. The decision of the Arbitrator is final and legally binding.